As they say, I have to leave it here!

       On the YouTube channel “Planet Zhelezyak” the first round figure – 100 SUBSCRIBERS!


This channel is like an amateur triathlete.

He has a mission and a goal, he has a way, he is laughed at by acquaintances and praised by friends.

So, one day he will also take his first height.

And then everyone will say what a good man he is and how everyone believed in him.

In the meantime, you can go to the link to “Planet Zhelezyak” and click “Subscribe”, and I promise you interesting people, quality content, benefits and pleasure.

See how triathlon changes people’s lives, what happens to their body, brain and environment.

What iron people believe in, and who believes in them. And most importantly – what they get!

With love to sports, your “Planet Zhelezyak”